The smell of steak on a grill is one of the most delicious and recognizable smells for meant lovers. But a few myths regarding this tasty meat refuse to go away.


Here are the seven myths about steak that you should know about:

Myth # 1: A thick steak should rest at room temperature before being cooked

The false science behind such an assumption is that to cook the meat evenly from the sides to the center, the entire piece of meat should be at the same temperature, and so it will get cooked evenly. The reality is that this waiting period accomplishes nothing.

Myth # 2: To lock in juices, sear meat at high temperatures

The theory is that the seared surface will create an impenetrable barrier that will retain the juice or moisture of your steak while it is being cooked. The reality is that no such barrier is produced by the searing process. Liquids can freely pass out or in through the seared surface of a steak.

Myth # 3: Steaks with bones have more flavor than boneless steaks

The theory is that the bones contain a number of compounds which get transferred to the surrounding meat as the steak is being cooked and add more flavor to the meat.  Sadly no such exchange takes place.

Myth # 4: Steaks should be flipped only once

This is quoted by almost everybody. But in reality, flipping will enable you to cook your steaks faster-and cooks the steak more evenly!

Myth # 5: Steak should not be seasoned until cooked

The theory is that early salting can make the meat dry and tough. The reality is that a dry surface is actually conducive to cooking a great steak – so seasoning can aid browning.

Myth # 6: Fork should not be used to turn the steak

The theory is that a fork will be the reason for the juices leaking out of the meat. The reality is that, yes, a loss of juice do occur, but it is miniscule and will not affect the taste in any manner.

Myth # 7: Cutting a steak open to check whether it is cooked or not will risk losing all the juices

It is similar to the above. The amount of juice lost due to the slit is nothing compared to the quantity still in the meat and will not affect the taste.


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