Don’t bang a bank to bash a BBQ Party for your office. We can suggest you several ways to plan a budget-friendly for your office party.

Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque

Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1- Do Your Homework

If assigned to throw a BBQ  party for your colleagues and other guests, do your initial homework. If you are a novice, you should need some technical knowhow before you start on looking for a butcher’s shop. Reading a book on technicalities of BBQ may also help.

2- Check Your Equipment

No need to add bells and whistles to your BBQ equipment. What you really need is to look for someone providing sturdy equipment. Save on crashing and tipping over by choosing the suitable equipment or hiring one.

3- Befriend with your Butcher (cautiously)

If company rules do not apply, check with your butcher from where your buy your own. The chances are that you have a little bit of friendship with the counter people. They may let you know when they have best parts on sale to save on your budget. Sometimes a sweet smile does more than a butcher’s knife. The will help you in having what is not traditional and inexpensive. You may ask for lamb neck. Due to its less usage, the cuts are less costly but after touching the grill, they taste a lot.

4- Go Untraditional

If not necessary, go untraditional by selecting the cheap. No need to follow the bible of BBQ, you can select less expensive cuts than traditional chicken, ham, beef and meat. You may also choose from mackerel or blue fish to add to your party.

5- Save on Extra

There is no need to plan extra portions. The whole gathering is not ready for the meal yet. Several have their own agendas to discuss during the party so do not waste on grilling extra to waste.

6- Branded Rubs & Sauces

You can save on by choosing your rubs and sauces carefully. Go for less expensive but branded rubs and sauces. They will taste like the costlier sauces when in your office.

7- Do it Right

It is better to do things rightly than burning the money in charcoal. Ask for help from your colleagues. Do not hesitate to consider the option of hiring some expert for the occasion. It will save you on money and time.

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