When a public or residential space becomes host to an unintentional fire, there is the potential for massive damages to property and assets, not to mention injury to innocent bystanders. Fire safety is an important issue that requires the attention of both professionals and the general public.

Fortunately, great strides have been made in the public and private sector to improve the fire safety standards in factories, schools, homes, and offices. One of the most important safety measures that has been implemented all over the world is the integration of fire sprinkler systems.

Fire sprinkler control valve assembly.

Fire sprinkler control valve assembly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A fire sprinkler system works by providing a substantial amount of water and pressure when excessive heat or smoke is detected. Many of these systems are fine-tuned and calculated to supply the most effective combination of flow rate and pressure in order to stop fires from spreading.

Traditionally, a fire sprinkler system was typically only seen in a factory, warehouse, or other large structure where fires were a common concern. However, it is now not uncommon to see systems in private residences. This may be because they have proven to be extremely effective systems, or because they can now be found at cost-effective prices. The reasons why one might consider a fire sprinkler system a worthy addition to a home are many.

Facts and Statistics on Fire Sprinkler Systems

Though there have been many advances in the components and technical functions of fire sprinkler systems, the basic idea has remained the same. An automated system will systematically control and eliminate a fire. From the beginning, these systems have played their part well, so much so that they are now used extensively all over the globe.

Each year over 40 million sprinkler heads are integrated into new spaces. Even more impressive, in the last year, buildings which were equipped with a fire sprinkler system were protected with extreme effectiveness. Over 99 percent of fires in such buildings were controlled and eliminated by fire sprinklers alone.

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