It’s almost the end of March and spring is pretty much here. I live in Victoria Canada and we’ve had a lot of sunshine so far this month.

Behind the Curtain

Behind the Curtain (Photo credit: KTDEE….)

For many people, the sunshine is a welcome sight. For others, like my wife, it’s not. Why? Because our bedroom faces in the direction of the sunrise each morning.

We didn’t think about this when we bought the house last year. I still don’t know how we missed that. Nonetheless it’s something we have to deal with.

That’s why I thought until I did some more research and came up with three options.

Black Out Drapes

I came across the idea of black out drapes. It’s something I had used in my parents home growing up. It did a great job keeping my room dark and felt like a cave at times. This helped me sleep long hours as a teenager!

When I brought idea up with my wife, she hated it. She didn’t like the idea of having to close and open the drapes everyday. Plus she didn’t want the room to be cold and dark. In the end black out drapes were too severe and maintenance for her.

Case closed and onto option 2.

Window Coverings

I had been to Home Depot and saw that they had window coverings. It looked like they could work and my wife wouldn’t have to go through the hassle and shutting them and closing them.

When we went to Home Depot we asked the sales person to shine a light to the window coverings when they were closed. Although they looked nice, they weren’t going to work as they didn’t block enough of the sun out.

So onto option 3.

I started to search Google for window treatments and came across Rodco Interiors. They have all sorts of options that were low maintenance and met my wife’s style needs.

So what did we go with? In the end we choose glare resistant motorized blinds in Victoria as they kill most of the sunlight. Just enough so we can still sleep past sunrise.

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