Along with the individualism trend in music, movies, clothes, photographs and other aspects of our lives, there also came an individualism trend in home design. Why do we love individualism? Because it is cozy, it is elegant and it sheds a feeling of our dreams, in which tradition and quality are intertwined with the attention for details. A great idea for an individualist design, vintage or futuristic, is a luxury fireplace.


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Like Audrey said,”Paris is always a good idea”, we say, ”A fireplace is always a good idea”.

It speaks of good taste, it is cozy, it gives off a warm feeling and it is a piece of furniture that will add to the uniqueness of your home or your business, creating a special environment for you and for everybody around you.

On eDezeen, you can find a variety of fireplaces suited even for the most demanding tastes. The designs presented on the website are unconventional, unique and guaranteed to make a statement of your home or business space.

If you are the future-oriented type, always searching to be one step ahead of the others, the Prometheus collection of luxury fireplaces from eDezeen is exactly what you are looking for.

Designed by Frans Schrofer, this collection of fireplaces is artistic and has a poetical look, inspired from the Greek myths. If you would care more for a minimalist sleek design, look no more!

The Antonio Lupi Design collection of fireplaces is the perfect choice to emphasize the elegance of your home or your business. If you are in love with luxury fireplace design ideas and you are looking for the perfect centerpiece to describe your passion, you have come to the right place. Designed by Hugo de Ruiter, the Safaretti collection of fireplaces is composed of precious items with high-quality finishes, guaranteed to bring the spectacular into your home and into your business.

If you are passionate about beauty that is also innovative, the Cocoon Fires collection of fireplaces, designed by Federico Otero, is the perfect choice: eye-catching, stylish, innovative and also practical. The Planika fireplaces are more conventional, for people who appreciate the quality of tradition and desire a note of traditional elegance in their homes or their businesses. Finally, the Falper collection of fireplaces, born from the love of creative pragmatism, is suited for any person who appreciates the value of custom made items, designed specially to respond to each individual’s needs.

eDezeen was created in 2011 and it is defined by the passion for luxury, the Italian quality and the original and innovative designs. Nowadays, eDezeen has become a symbol associated with high-quality products and services always in the form of a unique design. You can find a wide array of products, from home heating radiators or interior lighting to complete solutions for creating or re-creating your kitchen, garden, living room and more.

Whether you are seeking to turn your house in a veritable work of art or if you want to make a statement in front of your competitors through your office or office building, a luxury fireplace is an addition that will not go unnoticed. Add a hint of uniqueness and transform the space around you into your dream place.

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