Pizza is a truly versatile meal. For some, pizza is the symbol of trash-food and ready-to-eat industrial meals. The kind of stuff you pick randomly from your freezer and shove in your everyday oven in order to get a quick meal in the middle of a work day, or something not difficult to cook and easy to eat while watching football, for example.

Those are what some would call “casual pizza eating behaviors”.

And then there is true pizza lovers. Those people remind that pizza is also a highly gastronomical, traditional Neapolitan meal meant to be prepared and cooked with care, using traditional baking techniques. Of course, true pizza lovers would only tolerate pizzas baked in a wood fired oven.

Considered far superior, gastronomically speaking, the wood fire cooking allows to quickly bake pizzas at soaring temperatures in a dry air only a wood-fired clay oven can produce, giving the base a unique crispy consistence, while the smoke in the air impregnates all the ingredient, giving the wood fire baked pizza this incomparable smoke flavor.

Setting up a wood oven for pizza baking is surprisingly easy, and it is also usable to bake breads, to roast meats and cook vegetables. Wood Oven for Pizzas are usually made of clay which help retaining the heat and releasing it evenly, round shaped base with a domed ceiling, allowing heat to evenly spread in all the parts of the oven, while the domed shaped ceiling guides the flames around and away from the door and cooking area.

Outside pizza ovens

If, like me, you are the lucky owner of a medium sized garden, why not consider building a wood oven yourself? Surely the perspective of long summer evenings with a few friends and a good bottle a French wine, enjoying your first proudly home-made pizzas, baked in your own wood oven is attractive to anyone. Buy maybe the perspective of building it yourself isn’t particularly carrying. If you are not a handyman, maybe you should consider buying a pre-assembled wood pizza fired oven.

Many companies propose wood fired pizza ovens of different size, shapes and prices. Some are clearly designed and use for professional purpose, like compact truck sized pizza ovens or large built-in wood ovens for pizzerias.

But a few pizza oven manufacturers and distributors have developed a range of pre-assembled wood-fired pizza oven aimed at the general public. Ephrem Oven builds and sells wood ovens for pizzas since 1975 and has developed a fair experience on the pizza oven market. Based in the south of France, Ephrem Oven has sold more than 70.000 wood ovens for pizzas around the world.

Price of a wood pizza oven

Of course, the question of the price is important, and money is probably the main criteria of choice for most people. Of course the taste of a few good fire baked pizzas and the perspective of those pizza parties is exciting, but can I afford it, does it really worth it Be reassured, the answer to those questions are probably yes.

After all, wood fire clay ovens have been in use since basically the dawn of mankind and if you cannot afford to buy a pre-assembled one, the DIY option is quite cheaper – thought much more time-consuming. You should have no difficulties to find the resources you need to build a wood pizza oven.

If like me, you have opted-out for a pre-assembled pizza oven, you can expect prices between roughly $400 to $2500 and more for a household wood oven for pizzas, depending on the size, shape, building materials and optional features.

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