Hi I am Raavi. Do You Know Me !!!

May be not….

Let me tell you about myself here. I am a student in India and I love cooking and spending time in Kitchen with my mother. At the age of 5 I first created my own recipe which was not at all delicious and everyone just hated it.

Raavi tattoo

But you know, everyone in my family said that it was superb. And when I tried it myself it was Ahhhhh…..

As my passion and love of writing I started this blog recently and tried here to add my articles that are related to everything that happens in Kitchen. Here i will share all my thoughts about various different things which is found in kitchen and everything that can happen in kitchen.

But as you know how much time i can spare as a student for my writing at times I will also accept guest posts, but yes if its unique and appealing for me and my readers.

Logging off now…

Will continue about me here later…

Thanks for stopping by….


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