One should attempt to do garage repair jobs without professional help. If you want to repair or replace the springs, then seek instant help.

As springs are loaded with bulk pressure, if you fail to handle it right, it will explode.

A lot of people have severely been injured and killed in repairing broken overhead garage door springs. You should only do it if you have right skills and equipment.

Two types of springs are used to run overhead garage doors- extension springs and torsion springs.

There are two of them and are located on the shaft of the door opening. If one spring has busted, then you should replace both.

The major tools needed to repair broken overhead garage door springs are good ladder, ruler, rags, wrench, socket wrench, winding bar of the right size and wisp grip plier of the right size.

You can do the repairing safely till the time you have these tools. However, you need to make sure that you don’t use the wrong size or type of wrench.

Another safety rule when repairing garage door is to keep in mind that garage doors are very heavy and their weight ranges from several hundred pounds. And the spring which operates the door are under the pressure of several hundred pounds.

Torsion springs are securer than extension springs. they do not contract or expand. They are smoother to operate and make your garage a safer place. In case of any doubt, make sure you call a garage door professional.

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