Does the thought of doing laundry bring sleepless nights and unbearable heartburn because your washer, every single time, without fail, stops working right in the middle of the cycle?

Either it leaks, or doesn’t drain, generates error codes that you go frantic looking up and then ends it all up with not spinning or agitating.

Washer and appliance repair

Washers have a notorious reputation of breaking down with some problem just when you don’t have the time or the inclination to indulge in a little washer repair.

Washing Machine Basics

Washing Machines or Washers are machines designed to ease the process of doing laundry using water, detergent and depending upon the make of the machine, using different modes of water movement and pressure.

There are basically two different kinds of these appliances available now, front load and top load. Both these kinds of appliances have different kinds of systems and,therefore, washing machine repair is highly subjective.

OC Washer & Dryer Repair Service is a full service appliance repair company providing maintenance and repair services for appliances to customers of Orange County for a decade.

They have a long standing tradition of delivering prompt and perfect repair service to their customers.

Their repair staff with more than 15 years of experience in the field, are quite renowned for diagnosing the exact issue, be it electrical or related to the body and plumbing, and providing on-the-spot maintenance which superseded only by their reputation correct the problem in the first instance.

They keep usual replacement spares in their stock to eradicate delays and repeat trips.

Some of the Common Problems

The common problems that require washer repair are:

  • Leaking Draining pipe/Water hose
  • Machine not drained of wash water
  • Confusing error codes
  • No spinning or agitation
  • Washer doesn’t complete the cycle

Washer Repair in Orange County have a flat fee structure with a nominal charge and the consultation fee for the first visit is adjusted into the final bill if you choose to avail their service.

Their longstanding customers also receive assistance provided by their staff over the phones, who guide them through the steps to fix the minor problems for free to save them the trouble of paying for a service call.

You can get in touch with them over the phone, email and even online through their website.

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