Everyone chooses different kinds of rugs to decorate their home. Silk rug, cotton rug, wool rug, shag rug are some options to cover your floor. Shaggy rugs are popular from 60 s 70 s era. Shaggy rugs are made by knotted materials like cotton, acrylic, polypropylene and nylon. All available in knitted pattern and many colourful shades, it’s up to you what kind of material and colour your choose for your home.

Among rug manufacturers, Shaggy Rug Australia stands first. Why Australia is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of rugs? The answer is those materials like cotton and wool which manufacturer need to make a rug are highly available in Australia and New Zealand. There are two kinds of shaggy rugs both woven from wool. Flokati rugs are those worn by warriors as clothing, next is Aros rug also made from wool as soft as Flokati rug but its manufacturing process is different. Fur rugs are more soft and affordable but usually people prefer wool rugs. Dull looking and lively aura of these shaggy rugs are incomparable. If you have hardwood floors and floral walls you can choose from variety of shaggy rugs. Unique colours and texture can match your furniture and wall and give your home a dramatically new look.

Add this masterpiece of home decor to your home and become a style icon. A designer shag can be super soft and give your place a posh look. Shaggy rugs Australia is world famous. If you are not budget conscious you can choose leather shag rugs. These rugs are expensive but typically good looking. Citton jersey shag rug which is also known as shaggy rugs are most popular kind of rugs. If you want to decorate your home and add beauty in easy way, shaggy rugs are budget friendly way. The advantage for choosing shaggy rug is that they are available in different colour, size and shape. You can find them at any home decor shop or buy online. Whatever your current decor theme may be you can choose these shaggy rugs in many designs as per your need.

In earlier time mostly musicians and artistic studio prefer this kind of rug. Now it has becomes a symbol of style, now everyone decorate their home with this easy reachable decor. These rugs are truly comfortable, either traditional homeowner or modern both prefer this kind of shaggy rug. Always choose appropriate area for shaggy rug. Neither cover a huge area of room with these rugs it will look odd, nor cover very small part that investment seems to be in vain.

Today shaggy are available in 3d effect too, imagine what will be the fun to add these shaggy rugs at your place. It is just visual pleasure if you decorate your room with 3d shaggy rugs. Today nothing is permanent but if you take care and maintain these rugs they will survive for long period. For better maintenance do not keep these rugs in heat of direct sun. Avoid spitting of water or any liquid. Clean these rugs with vacuum or with the help of cotton cloth and baking soda. Search one online to add beauty at your place.

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