The SipSmart cap is an innovative new solution for those who just can’t seem to keep their bottles upright. Designed to incorporate the best aspects of sip cups for children, the SipSmart acts as a watertight seal for any bottle, with a straw down the middle for easy and sometimes hands-free sipping.

SipSmart Cap

Spills and messes are a thing of the past, as the SipSmart keeps all beverages perfectly insulated. For a fun, inexpensive solution to kids and their spills, look no further than the SipSmart cap.


The SipSmart cap comes in a range of sizes, each corresponding to a different color and industry standard. For example, green caps fit any water bottle, red caps fit soda bottles, and blue caps fit glass bottles. This makes remembering sizes and specifications easy, and you’ll not be left fumbling for the correct size for every drink.

The Kickstarter

SipSmart, designed by family man Jeffrey Sleebos to combat his children’s incessant messes, is running a Kickstarter campaign to help get its production in gear. The design is finished and ready for manufacture, the Kickstarter aims to help develop molds for the caps quickly and effectively. Help make a family’s dreams come true, by pitching in and maybe snagging an early bird set of caps and even a carry case in the process.

Who is the SipSmart Good For?

SipSmart is perfect for families on the go, the elderly, or disabled people. Spill-free operation and accessible straws make drinking not only cleaner, but also easier. The caps are also perfect for anyone who simply needs a secure vessel for their beverages, on the road, during events, or just in general.

Stop by the Kickstarter page today, and get access to SipSmart caps as soon as they’re released, along with a range of goodies. Stop spilling, and keep drinking, with the SipSmart cap.

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