Roof cleaning refers to the process of removing all manner of dirt, dust, leaves, twig and other living organisms such as algae and moss on the roof a building; this is an important activity because there is evidence that it is perhaps the best kind of roof maintenance that is available and which will extend the lifespan of any roof. There are many homeowners who don’t realize that algae and the buildup of debris on the roof of their homes can greatly reduce the lifespan of a roof and is some cases it will actually void the warranty.

Your home’s exterior is exposed to all and sundry and whether you like it or not people will see it and they will make their judgment about your image based on what they see of your home’s exterior. You should therefore put something in your maintenance budget that will cater for no pressure roof cleaning if you want to ensure that your home maintains a great curb appeal. If, for instance, you plan to sell your home in the near future, you only need to remember to do low pressure roof cleaning when you are sprucing up the house and you can be sure to get a good return on your investment.

There are many people who still don’t see a good reason why they should do any form of roof cleaning for their homes. First and foremost there is everything to do with the way you want your home to look. Those dark patches on the roof are made of algae and other living organisms and as they grow and take root on your roof they will affect the way that your shingles or any other roofing tiles look like in addition to seriously affecting the functionality of the roof in more ways than one. Those living organisms and the dirt, dust and debris will damage the roofing materials and make them vulnerable to leaking sooner than it should have been.

Instead of waiting patiently until the roof comes down prematurely you should consider doing a roof pressure wash; this is one of the safest and most affordable ways of ensuring that you get positive results. As you restore the good looks of your roof you will also be extending its lifespan. The best kind of washing is the soft roof wash that ensures that the granules that are placed on the shingles remain intact. You only need to be careful to avoid any contractor that insists on using high pressure roof cleaning because in most cases it does more harm than good.

You also need to realize that no pressure roof cleaning will also help you to save money that is spent on your utility bills. Studies show that the dark streak on the dirty roof is responsible for trapping excess heat under the roof of the home. There are cases where it has been recorded that up to 30 degrees of heat is trapped in there; this means therefore that you will be spending more on things such as air conditioning and higher electricity bills.

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