Owning a trucking company today is a good way of making money.  You’ll see income generated immediately for every full truck load that is hauled.  You get paid as soon as you get a load.  If you’ve just started a trucking business and are clueless on where to find a steady stream of delivery work that can help your business soar to greater heights and to remain competitive, there are several strategies that you can try.

One of the most effective ways to find paid loads and increase loaded miles is through load boards.  A load board or sometimes called freight board is an online marketplace where truck owner-operators, shippers, and freight brokers post empty truck information and search for loads to haul.  It is through this online platform that brokers, shippers, carriers and owner-operators communicate with one another with the goal of striking the best deal.

How Do Load Boards Work?

Load boards work like an online matchmaking marketplace for the three main freight parties, viz: broker, shipper and carrier.

In 3 simple steps, this is how it works:

  1. Truck owners or fleet owners specify to brokers where they are and what routes they wish to make.
  2. Brokers post the loads they have available from shippers and find owner-operators.
  3. Shippers save time and money when their goods are transported efficiently and quickly.

Load Boards provide a win-win situation for all the parties involved in the freight transaction.

Powerful Load Board Tools

Most load boards provide user-friendly trucking tools with powerful search functions to help truck drivers find loads to haul and generate revenues. The user-friendly tools are used to search for loads, compare and negotiate rates.  The best truck routes to deliver loads can also be mapped out.

User-Friendly Mobile App

Load Boards have free mobile apps that enable truckers to search through thousands of available loads daily and select the one that’s right for them while they’re trucking on the road.

Load Board Reviews

Most load boards have reviews from users, both the positive and negative ones. This opens up possibilities to build credibility, popularity, and reputation in the trucking industry as transparency is something that consumers demand in a business.

Small carriers or owner-operators seeking to find more delivery work should give load boards a try.  Shiply is an online platform that provides an internet marketplace where shippers may list items they need to move, and where providers of transport services can bid in a reverse auction format.  With access to millions of customers and thousands of new shipping jobs posted every day, truckers and carriers can choose the right load from anywhere in the country, which means you can find the best route every time. Shiply’s free load board is a great way to grow your trucking business and to bring it to the next level. Learn more about how load boards can help your trucking business’ revenue multiply and soar to greater heights.

Remember that in order to create trust and good relationship with freight brokers and shippers, you as the owner-operator of the truck company have to provide fast, efficient and reliable services at a reasonable cost. Once you’ve created the good rapport with these parties, you can expect to see your chances of getting loads increase considerably. All the best in your trucking business!

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