Most people appreciate marble flooring because it presents with a natural beauty and a sense of style that is full of aura and elegance; marble flooring has always been the material of choice in luxurious villas and palaces since time immemorial. Whether you are planning for a renovation of a new floor installation, you need to ask your flooring company about marble flooring and what the pros and cons are before you make a decision. Marble is quarried from several mountains in different parts of the world and this alone gives it the advantage of uniqueness; since marble flooring tiles are different from any other you can rest assured that you will have a floor that stands out in uniqueness and personality.


Style: One of the greatest reasons that homeowners will want to choose marble flooring is the fact that it is a natural stone and will therefore enhance the feel and look of any floor where it has been used. Apart from having the perfect appearance that cannot easily be replicated, marble flooring is also available in a number of colors, shapes and mixes which means that it gives you the flexibility to choose the kind of decoration you really want.

Radiant heat: You don’t have to be deceived by its looks, one of the best qualities of marble flooring tiles is that they are excellent conductors of heat; this therefore makes it a perfect option for new floor installation in areas where you want to consider installing a radiant heating system below the surface.

Polish: Marble flooring tiles cannot be compared with other kinds of natural stone when it comes to the issue of polishing; it takes in polishing so well that the end product is a silky smooth shimmering effect that you will simply fall in love with. In addition to its distinct look, when you polish marble flooring tiles you give it a touch of sophistication and glamor that speaks the highest sense of style.

Translucence: Marble is a naturally translucent stone and it will therefore allow some little light penetration; this means that you can expect to glow when the sun hit its surface at the right angle.

With all the good qualities of marble flooring, the greatest reason you don’t see it more often has to do with its pricing; marble flooring tiles are perceived as one of the best architectural elements and among the leading high end range natural stone flooring solutions. If you can afford it, marble will give your home a stunning effect as long as you don’t plan to install it in the bathroom or kitchen because it can be quite slippery and therefore not ideal for those places; choose marble when you want to make a statement of grandeur with your flooring.

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