When summer knocks at our door, we scream with its scorching temperature and for a little peace, we surrender under air conditioners. Whether it chills you or not, the electric bill won’t be that cooler!

Zero electric air conditioning on Indiegogo device is available now in the market that consumes zero electricity. Zero electric air-conditioning (ZeAC) is a simple, most energy efficient & economical climate-control systems consists of air conditioning cylinder that produces cooling effect when you add water to it.

It does this action with the help of potted plants that consume carbon dioxide & gives out fresh oxygen to your home. You can use decorative plants to add more beauty to your home. Orchid, peace lilly, money plant, Christmas cactus, bamboo palm, medicinal plants such as tulsi, ramatulsi, aloe vera, neem tree and what else orange tree or grape vine yard can be used for this purpose.

ZeAC has both cooling & heating action depending on seasons and ambient temperature. They work based on thermodynamic principles via latent vaporization and condensation. The cylinder draws vapor from your room at any temperature.

During hot temperatures, water in the air conditioning cylinder evaporates at a faster rate by absorbing latent heat from the room and effectively cools and humidifies it. During cold temperatures, water in the cylinder evaporates at a slower rate by absorbing latent heat from the room and effectively cools the room but dehumidifies it; hence we can experience low humidity in winter.

All you need to refill ZeAC with water every morning. It dehumidifies the surrounding area by absorbing vapor from the air and reduces temperature through absorption of heat. The evaporation of water from these porous surfaces cools down the air and plant consume harmful carbon dioxide as well as release fresh oxygen.

The device is good enough to work both in humid and dry climates. It cools the room and dehumidifies it even when the humidity percentage is ‘80’ inside a room.

Its zero electric energy consumption, simple working nature, multi climate adaptivity with active humidifier and dehumidifier makes it worth choice. Fresh oxygen becoming too demanded in an air-polluted environment is no more a concern. Here comes the role of Zero Electric Air Conditioning as it fills your room with fresh oxygen.

High portability, multi functioning like device charging, illuminating using solar powered options and live nature at home created by the beauty of plants makes ZeAC more special.

Save electricity and thereby lots of money via the Zero electric Air Conditioning on Indiegogo.

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