If you have ever attempted to or moved a toilet, even just to change the wax ring, you know that it is a rough job! Usually it cannot be done with one person. The toilet is not conducive to picking it up by yourself. It is awkward and very heavy. If you have not removed the tank it is very unbalanced as you try to lift it.

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This makes it at least a two-person job and that can still be tricky. It is very easy to drop or bang the toilet risking breakage and water mess. The weight, size and shape of the toilet also make moving one a risk of serious injury. Lifting wrong or twisting can harm your back very badly.

Back injury is exactly what happened to cause Darrell William to design and create the Pick Up Stix. He injured his back while moving a toilet. So being the creative DIY’er he set out to remedy that risk.

He drew up some ideas, went to the hardware store for supplies and created this simply awesome tool that allows one person, usually, to lift and move a toilet safely. The risk of injury and breakage is greatly reduced by using the Pick Up Stix because it removes the awkwardness of lifting a toilet from the base.

Darrell has already patented this tool in the USA and Canada, he has sold product by word of mouth and free, personal marketing. But the expense of starting a new product line has left him without any working capital to secure new patents in other countries. There is also a need for marketing and trade shows in order to market this great tool. The story itself is pretty amazing, that he was just some normal guy who sought out something to remedy a problem.

Darrell has started a crowdfunding project to help him secure the other patents, hire professional staff and begin to implement a marketing plan.

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