Visiting a new country entails learning about the various cultural and religious beliefs of the land. One should also do the right thing by following the dress code and not shaking things up too much.

Traditions and Principles of CommunityIt pays to learn about a country before you embark on a journey there or you can end up feeling silly because you did not bother to consider some of the simple facts of the land. It is not very appealing to the people of Indonesia to permit skimpy clothing and one would be advised to avoid dressing inappropriately. The official language of the land is Bahasa and the people speak English as well, so do not worry while embarking on a journey to this most beautiful country. The Indonesian culture speaks about the warmth of the people and their fondness for family life. Islam is the religion of the people and some of the main dialects that you hear are Javanese though you do get a smattering of Malay, Dutch and of course the other languages.

What do you do when you visit a new country? Why learn about the traditions and the basic principles of community life. The various crafts of Indonesia can be found in art form as most of the people have a rich artistic nature. You can buy excellent pieces in wood, stone, metallic, canvas and clay. Classic designs in batik are being infused with modernism where you can find the transformation across the country primarily in Java, Cirebon, Surakarta, Yogyakarta, etc. Therefore, if you are looking to take back some artifacts or handicrafts you are in the right place. Filigree from various parts of the land entrenched in sandstone, clay and wood are some of the most interesting pieces of art that you can take back with you and put it up for all to be amazed at home. The climatic conditions vary in the country and the best time to visit is during April through October when the humidity is low and there are no incessant rains.

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