Nothing like jazzing the flavor with a touch of Asian spices that can make the choicest meat taste splendid. It is all in the marinade that can shake things up a bit.

There is nothing more interesting in life than dishing out something different every day – talking food here people! One of the most famous Indonesian recipes is coconut rice wrapped in banana leaves with some amazing chicken filling. Sounds difficult think again and out of the box this time! The people prefer this option for the main meal like dinner or lunch, and throw in the Satay and you are pretty much in a happy place. Bring on the burps along the way.  Balinese cuisine typically with duck, pork or chicken is usually a hit amongst the people as well as tourists that throng the area. That does not mean to say that the vegetarians have to make do with meat products because there is always something for everyone.

Barbecued WingsHere are a couple of relatively easy to implement marinades that must be soaked in chicken and then grilled. Bumbu spices are a mix of candlenut, turmeric, shallots, red chili powder, coriander powder or fresh leaves, galangal and tamarind juice. Dip the pieces in the marinade and add a couple of sauces, and keep this aside for an hour or so and then watch your life take on new meaning as you dive into this sumptuous fare. Okay so barbeques are perhaps the best-known options to add to the plate but you get to enjoy the flavor if the marinade is splendid. Black sticky rice with coconut is one of the best ways to start the day for breakfast, what you need to do is follow the recipe and you will be the happiest person for the rest of the day. The ingredients 500 grams black rice, 1-liter water, 1 pandan leaf, a dash of palm sugar and 250 grams unsweetened coconut milk and cook for about 30 minutes and serve with a drizzle of coconut milk or seasonal fruit.

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