The richness of the people and the land are noticeable once you land in the great country of Indonesia. Learn about their ways as you holiday in the place and take back some cute trinkets of the old-meets-new stories.

The Rich Cultural HeritageTravelling on holiday is a great stress buster. More people today use this route so that all their chinks are done away with completely as they have a holiday and learn along the way. While visiting the Asian country Indonesia, it is good to know about the best time to visit. Since they have two seasons dry and wet, it is always better to opt for the former. Once you land there, during the better season, you are flooded by the rich Indonesian culture and heritage around. There are plenty of east meet west ideas woven into paintings, sculpture and ideal to take back home as gifts. For instance, if you are looking at some of the paintings or the various sculptures to take it is nice to delve into the history of the pieces. Balinese paintings play out the story line with their scenes of legends along with scripts. You get to experience the artisans at their work while trekking about the various heartlands in the county and there is nothing quite like watching them weave their stories into the carving. Then there are their beautiful crafts found in batik, songket and ikat that were going out of fashion a while ago, but were brought back into the limelight. There are meanings in every pattern, some traditional and some current, and it is intelligent if one were to learn about this prior to buying the clothing or craft. The people as a whole are extremely conservative but very friendly with visitors and hospitality plays a key role in their general scheme of daily life. The main religion is Islam but you do get a mix of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and therefore spirituality plays a key note across the board. There is a beautiful blending of various cultures and you get the warmth of the people once you interact with them.

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