Following many years of being in a relationship, you may end up finding yourself not fully compatible and understanding when it comes to communication with your partner. It is possible that you might ponder what is wrong between you and your partner, which may lead you into confusion. Both of you may be speaking the same language, however when this sort of discord takes place between both of you, you are probably not speaking the same love language.

There may not be any flaw in your relationship apart from the differences in the way and style of expressing love and communicating feelings. Probably, you are speaking a love language that spouse/partner is not able to understand, or you are yet to learn the language that your partner speaks. Check out more at kærlighedssprog.

Therefore, it is important and lies in the best interest of your relationship to know your language. Being aware of your love language, you can better communicate with your partner and express your needs while making them feel loved in return.

Having a proper knowledge of love language, would not only help you in your romantic relationship, rather it can improve your interaction with everyone. Whether you are in office or is meeting with your new friends, you can always communicate with them properly. By understanding the language of love, you can give and receive love and show people the care you have for them while making them feel loved and appreciated.

Relationship counsellors who are highly experienced suggest that there are basically five emotional love languages. Possibly, five ways that people use to speak and understand emotional feelings, i.e. love. A language can have diverse dialects as well as variations, and in similar manner, the five basic love languages have their own dialects. However, the most important thing is to speak the language of love that your partner understands and favours.

These five love languages are pretty simple and straightforward, and here’s a brief description into each of them:

  • Words of Affirmation: The act of Expressing affection through spoken words, appreciation or compliments.
  • Acts of Service: Not words, but actions are used to show love and affection.
  • Gifts: Gifting is an important way of showing love and expressing feelings.
  • Quality Time: Expressing love and affection with by spending quality time with partner.
  • Physical Touch: It can be a simple hug, holding hands or sex. Through this love language, the parter can be made to feel loved through physical touch.

It may take a few conversations to fully understand each other’s love languages, and it will take practice and patience to put those expressions of love into action, but the end result—feeling loved and secure in your relationship—is worth the effort.

It can take a few lengthy and quality conversations to comprehend the love language of each other. Also, with patience and practice, you can over a period of time turn the expressions of love into action. And as a result, you can end up feeling secured and loved in your relationship which is worth the effort.

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