Modern psychology pretty much proved that our living environment significantly affects our mood, sometimes in a positive and sometimes in a negative way. This it is not only possible but also, quite logical for many reasons.

When one spends countless hours in the same surroundings, day after day, it is easy to imagine how even the tiniest details regarding his or her living space can affect their mental health or mood significantly.

george-eastman-house-70173_640Take care of your home, and your home will take care of you.

The best place to start with this interesting project would be your living room,the very center of your daily activities, the heart of your home.With spring just around the corner, why not decorate your living room accordingly, thus enriching both your living space, and its effect on your mood significantly.

Bright colors of spring

There is plenty of scientific research about how colors influence our mind, so why not make them work to your benefit. When one thinks of spring, probably the first thing that comes to mind is bright and vivid colors, straight out of a woodland postcard.

Enrich your living space with the help of bright and lively colors like bright yellow and green, creating contrast with the bland and boring greys and whites of winter.

The best way to start with this color revolution is by installing vivid wallpaper with natural motifs. Accessorize your home with bright patterned blankets and cushions, but don’t forget the most important thing regarding the spirit of spring. In order for both you and your living room to really get into that meadow scene from The Sound of Music, enhance the spirit of spring in your living room by considering the color palette you want, and ordering such flowers online.Arrange accordingly!

Spring furniture selection

In the light of all these changes, why not go one step further and redesign your seating set? Replace your traditional table and chairs for bright white ones, enabling your living room to completely give in to this atmosphere of early spring.

This strangely calming imitation of nature, or as some call it “the soothing chaos of nature”, can also be displayed in your living room by adding a tall lamp to create a strong contrast between the said lamp and some of your shorter pieces of furniture, like a miniature table.

Introduce a pale, stylish and elegant carpet into your living room and enjoy this smart decision through both its practicality and the imminent aesthetical improvement. Furthermore, when speaking of the powerful combination of aesthetic and useful, accessorize your home by equipping it with floral patterned blankets and cushions.

Becoming a homeowner is a hard thing to do, and a milestone in your life. However, creating your inner surroundings, now that is as fun as it gets! Spring time is fresh, friendly, and soothing, and bringing it into your home can only work out well for you. Not everyone can have a tree house, but bringing some of that outdoorsy spirit indoors?
Why not.

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