Many banks and private financial institutions provide a facility for the safe keeping of the valuables/documents or anything of their constituents. For this, the safe deposit locker unit should have all the precautionary features like sturdiness, leaf-proof, water-proof, heavy weight so as to be immobile; besides these peripheral features, the core future is the safety of the locking system, which is different from normal locks. Only a highly skilled, experienced, credible and confidential locksmith can execute thissafe deposit lockers

For this, each branch will have one master key, common to all the locker units of any sizes and each locker unit/ each customer will be given one unique key. Only if the master key is used, the customer can use his key to open the locker unit and then close. For closing the unit, use of master key is not required. The bank / institution cannot on its own have access to the locker with the master key. The constituent himself, using the original key, allotted to him cannot open the locker unit.

When the locker hirer loses the key, the procedure involved is cumbersome and cost involved too. Only the locksmith deputed by the locker unit manufacturer can break-open the concerned unit, without damage to the adjacent ones or the contents of the locker on an appointed day convenient to both of them; then another duplicate key for the customer will be given. Since the work involved here is of confidential nature and credibility of the bank/ institution is involved, any strange locksmith, howsoever skilful he is will not be permitted; rather will not know the unique intricacies of that particular company locker.

Besides this kind of security/ safety, the locker rooms will have infrared-rays security and burglar alarm security and also CCTV surveillance. The locksmiths possessing the required qualifications given by the MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) or ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc.,) will have a preferred place in the safe deposit locker making industries.

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