The designs and metals used in locks developed from an ordinary stage to the present day modern locks, thanks to the precision engineering; this has enabled the manufacture of locks and keys with advanced complexity and sophistication. In all such cases, the skillfulness of a locksmith will certain is behind the scene.

varieties of locksThe lever tumbler lock, perfected in 1778 is in use today in many places. In 1818, the same was further improved by Chubb into a Chubb detector lock, with integral security future, which would frustrate any illicit attempts to open and would warn the owner of such unauthorised interference. It even won an award.  Then, Challenge Lock was designed; and later pin tumbler lock. Another lock was invented by Linus Yale, Sr., an American in 1848 and developed by Linus Yale, Jr. The locks contained many levers say two to seven invisibly inside the lock, strategically disabling the lock-picker to view them.

Thus, there were different types of locks with physical keys like warded lock, pin tumbler lock, wafer tumbler lock, disc tumbler lock (or Abloy lock) and lever tumbler lock. The modern day locks are modified versions of the above inventions.

Further, the lock series consist of many varieties like deadbolt, bicycle lock, Motorcycle/ automotive ignition and alarm locks, Mechanical Door/ Pad lock, Cabinet/ Mailbox lock, Cam lock, Child Safety lock, Chamber lock, combination lock, Digital/ finger print/ biometric lock, electronic lock, electric strike, Safe/ Safety lock and Case coded lock, luggage lock, Rim lock, Time lock and RFID each type having its own unique technology.

Besides the manufacture of locks, the role of a locksmith will be felt significant when you have to do some repairs to the lock or make duplicate/ triplicate of the lost keys. Further, in an unfortunate incident of keys being irrecoverably missed, opening of the lock without any damage to the door or automotive is where you can appreciate the dexterity of the locksmith.

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