We put outdoor privacy screens in order to avoid unsightly views, to divide an area or just to make an area more secluded. Placing a plain solid wall is very unfashionable and does not refresh an ambiance, particularly commercial establishments.

Artificial hedge screen is the latest stylish way to put a privacy screen in your outdoor area. This includes large commercial planters, faux hedges, etc.


Large hedge plants look well tuned and classy. They don’t need to be in the matching height to cover an area. You just place tall plants or shrubs in a medium height planter and it will give privacy to your area without restricting air and covering the whole view.

Artificial hedge screen are mostly chosen for commercial establishments such as restaurants to cover the external dining region. These hedges are made of premium quality polyurethane that looks real. They have UV protection attribute so they don’t fade easily.

Artificial hedges offer a chic and classy look to the outdoor area. You just choose a nice blend of faux hedges and commercial planters to make your area stunning and stylish.

Customized hedges and planters are available to meet the particular concepts as well as complement the outdoor design. Private residences can use the idea of putting artificial hedges in their outdoor places for seclusion from their neighbors and other unwanted views.

Artificial hedges are more comfortable while adding elegance and stylish to the settings. They look like an exterior décor but they actually serve as privacy screens. In case you want to try them out, you can buy them at an affordable price online.

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