Wooden decks look good when it is sparkling clean. Cleaning can enhance the integrity of the wood and give a fresh look. With periodic cleaning, remove fallen dry leaves, stains, debris, and dirt from the surface.

Apart from regular sweeping, follow a few simple techniques to protect the floor from discoloring. Wood tends to turn gray with excess exposure to weather conditions and the sun.

Restore the quality of wood through sweeping, pressure washing, bleaching, cleaning, and resealing.

Once the surface is clean, protect it with some waterproof sealers. Decorate the area with potted plants and furniture items.

Old DeckBegin by relocating furniture items that are decorated, if any.

Try not to push the pieces of furniture, as it might cause scratches or dents.

Employ 80-grit sandpaper for smoothing the rough edges.

If there are some outdated pieces you can buy them at a reputed outdoor furniture Melbourne store that sells ideal pieces for your outdoor areas.

Garden, pressure washing and bleaching

Additionally, sprinkle water to the plants nearby. Cover the plants, if required. Relocate plants that are in pots from the perimeter.

By doing so, you protect the greenery from any potential damage or disturbance.

Handpick large debris and sweep the mud or leaves into piles. Gently remove trapped dirt that in between the boards with slender tools.

Collect the grime in the trash bag. Wash the floor with liquid detergent.

Employ a hose like a garden pipe for spraying the surface. Attach a sprayer to the hose and set the highest power.

Direct the water on the heavily muddied or soiled places. Take up one end and start pressure washing and continue until the entire thing cleans.

The importance of cleaning a deck with bleach is to treat the areas affected with algae or mildew growth.

Prepare a solution with four parts water and 1 part bleach. Wear hand gloves for safety as bleach can be toxic in nature.

Uniformly pour the bleach solution over the wood and let it settle for 15 minutes. Scrub the affected area with a brush and rinse with water. Let the surface dry.

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