Gardening has rose up to a level, where it has become a passion of people rather than just a relaxing activity. With this voguish concept of gardening, garden tools have become a necessity. Tillers are probably the most popular and important tool among the garden lovers. Garden tiller has made gardening easier and innovative.


Before elaborating anything, let’s understand the function of a tiller.

The tiller is operated in a garden to break up and loosen the hard soil. It’s also used to mix up and permeate the organic matter, compost and manure into the soil for proper and healthy plantation.

Types of Garden tillers:

With a synchronic growth in gardening and new discoveries of garden tools, garden tiller has evolved with mishmash features and design. Following are few variations:

1. Hand/Manual tillers which are powered by manual motion and useful in tilling small parts of your garden. They are portable and lightweight
2. Depending on the source of energy, there are electric powered tillers, gas powered tillers and solar-powered tillers.
3. Depending on size, you can diversify the tillers into mini and large tillers.
4. Depending on the positioning of blades, we have front line tillers and rear line tillers.

The growing demand of garden tiller has added it to the product range of market leaders in the power sector. In today’s world, where technology is always evolving and gardening tools are getting more and more sophisticated, you can find a numerous options of tillers.

Few market leaders are – DeWit garden tools, Sneeboer garden tools, Felco, Burgon & Ball, Zenport, Haws, Red Pig Garden Tools, Council Tool, Garden Works, Foldit and John Deere. Indian manufacturers like Honda, Peekay Firm Equipments, Mantis etc have also made a footprint. If you don’t want to invest much in this, Chinese garden tool sets are also available.

How to decide on a garden tiller?

Whether or not you should purchase a garden tiller depends upon your garden size and the kind of plantation you want to carry out. If it’s about residential gardening, may be a small backyard or a small vegetable garden, consider buying a manual tiller or a portable electric garden tiller.

Large tillers are better if you need to reseed a lawn, park or a nursery with a vast area. If the soil is of rocky texture or if at all deep tilling is needed, then surely opt for a gas-powered tiller or a rear-line tiller. Be specific about the various attachments that come with garden tillers as per your requirement.

Pros and Cons of tillers

The major pros of a small garden tiller are that it is light weight, easy to operate, adjustable and maneuverable but on the other hand it is not very efficient on large lands. Large tillers prove to be extremely useful for tilling large areas, no matter how harder the soil is.

On the darker side, they are heavy, bulky and expensive. Gas tillers produce air and sound pollution, unlike electric based tillers which are environment friendly. Rather than investing on a large gas powered tiller, it would be wise enough to get it on rent.

Author bio: Jack lives in Denver and loves gardening when he is not working at his weekends. He recommends checking out tree pruning Denver services in case if you are looking for best services in Denver.

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