The process of stone restoration is required when the building made up of various stones starts to lose its color and shine due to various factors such as pollution, dust, dirt and various elements hitting the surface. There are possibilities of floors and outer walls of the building to get scratches and strains due to various reasons.

Stone Restoration

Stone restoration can bring back the new shine to the surface and make them scratch free and scars free. It involves in four steps. The first one is labeling. In this step the marble slabs or stone chips that get displaced are brought in to proper place and is labeled with the other marble to make the surface smooth. Then the strains and scratches are treated with big industrial diamonds and technical machines. This step lightens up the scratches and scars.

After this the marble are polished with smaller industrial diamonds. This step helps in the further treatment of scratches and strain marks and polishes the stone to bring back the new shine and original color. After polishing the stone is treated with maintenance that provides a shield to the surface.

This shield protects the surface from getting damaged again. It does get dull with time and do get scars again but then the shield increases the span of next stone restoration. It provides durability to the surface. Hence, stone restoration is a far easy process and cost effective as compared to stone replacement technique and one can get it done with ease by hiring professionals.

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