Like the other maps, Aerial Maps has also evolved in this modern era. It is exclusively to identify those features and characteristics in a map which couldn’t be pin pointed in a map. Mainly aerial photography is taken off the ground from an elevated position. Platforms mainly used are helicopters, multirotor unmanned aircrafts, blimps or balloons.


History: It has been first started by the French photographer named balloonist Gaspard-Felix Tournachon in1858.

He was famous by the name Nadar. The first semi automatic aerial camera is discovered by 1911 in Russia. It was first used in the First World War. It identified the topography of the land, civilian mapping and cartography.

Uses: It is mainly used for planning land. Mainly it is utilize in the movie production, in plotting land of the shoot, environmental studies, super vigilance, any kind of artistic projects, environmental site assignments and many others. It is also used in commercial advertisement. Generation wise the pixel and resolution of the camera has been evolved than before.

Many years ago a camera has been introduced in the market. It was a better high altitude camera with nine-lens in one unit that could take a photo of 600 square miles with each exposure from 30,000 feet. After that many other higher pixel and improved version of resolution camera has been evolved. The latest model is having 0.5cm spatial resolution invented in June 2012 by the same research team in Hungary.

Platforms: Aerial maps and its photography platform are:

Radio controlled aircraft: It is mainly used to take the low altitude aerial photography. Mainly in the case of real estate building it is used for the parking area, the garden place etc. It is also used for commercial advertisement and film shoots to locate the exact place of the shoot.

Multirotor unmanned aircraft systems: Many UAS is popular to build the aerial photography systems. It includes octocopters, hexacopters, quadrocopter etc. Technologically speaking aerial videos are also playing an important role. Mainly the Aerial maps are to identify the location in a proper manner from an elevated position to get a better view of the plot.

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