If you are a chef or in the catering or hospitality industry, you will know that baking and cooking are a lot of work.

Preparation is time consuming and to watch over goods being baked is crucial but time consuming.

Something like a self-cooking center can save time, increase productivity and increase output of products. This is a machine you want to invest in.


But how will this give the baker more flexibility? When baking in a self-cooking center, no product has to be monitored.

Some machines has no less than 7 modes to choose from. When cooking, you can choose between steam and hot air, both providing the combination method your costumers will enjoy.

With steam you will not only be pleasing all the health conscious customers but you will be providing them with food that is succulent and with minimal cooking loss, you will still be able to provide healthy, nutritious meas.

Cooking time will be shorter, which allows the costumer to be impressed with the service and you will ultimately be able to fill more seats faster.

The hot air will give bread that golden color while clients’ mouths are watering after smelling the aroma of all prepared food.

Make golden croissant, rosemary potatoes, chicken and other vegetable is record time, without losing the quality of the fresh products used.

Some systems has built in setting that cleans the machine. This on its own is a money saver because if the machine is kept clean and in well working condition, you will get your money’s worth.

A self-cooking center is and investment and the new way to cook and bake. This is the way you will save money and show a profit at the same time. Costumers will learn the different between ordinary and extraordinary after tasting your food.

Macadams specializes in high quality baking equipment and we have a state-of-the art warehouse facility in Cape Town, South Africa.

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