Lightweight construction homes are on the rise, a lot of people choose to use lightweight construction materials to build their homes because they’re much cheaper, quicker to build, and unique. One of the most popular types of lightweight construction homes modern design is the modular building.


Actually modular buildings have been around for more than 6 decades in America. It was started to fulfill the needs of housing and classrooms during the baby boomers era. But modular homes construction process today has been so developed involving various advanced technologies and much more sophisticated lightweight construction methods as well as lightweight construction panels.

Now modular buildings come with various great designs and environmentally friendly features. Many people are using these buildings as permanent or temporary facilities such as homes, schools, hospitals, retail units, offices, and many others. They are fast, sustainable, and affordable, and looks like the future is quite promising for such construction type s more and more people are building lightweight construction homes or other facilities for their needs.

Lightweight Construction Advantages

When compared with conventional constructions, modular buildings can offer so many unmatched advantages. Some of the main benefits of modular buildings are:

  1. You have the opportunity to build a prototype of the building before the construction begins. Modular buildings are simple, so making the prototype also will not cost you a lot of money and time.
  1. The total cost of the construction can be accurately predicted. Therefore it’s very easy to adjust the cost of the construction with your budget, if it’s too expensive you can simply ask the builder to adjust the design to fit your maximum budget.
  1. Modular building constructions are much quicker than conventional buildings, also human errors factor can be minimized because most materials are built in a factory offsite. This will guarantee the quality as well as timely construction process.
  1. There is a lot less health and safety risk when using modular building method. Most of the work are done using machines, the construction site is also clean with no dust flying around.
  1. The building can be constructed without creating too much disruption to the neighborhood. Most of the materials are built offsite and only brought to the site for installation.
  1. Modular buildings are often called “green building” because they are environmentally friendly. Not much pollution on site, and modular units also don’t produce a lot of waste – estimated only less than 1% waste produced. Materials being used also can be carbon-neutral and recycled materials.
  1. Not a lot of materials required on site, so you don’t need to setup a huge storage space for the construction materials, and that means less damage and less risk of thefts.
  1. Construction process can continue regardless of the weather. Even though there’s a lot of rain during the construction time, the building can be made watertight pretty quickly.
  1. Nearly all modular homes projects are finished on schedule or ahead of schedule with precise budget.

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