With burglaries becoming the talk of the day, it is important to consider security measures for your homes. Technology empowers you to be anywhere and still remain connected to the activities in your neighborhood.

Home Security DVR

For monitoring, you can now use the Home Security System, which includes the Closed Circuit Television Network (CCTV).

Some configurations even combine this with the Intrusion System, which detects any intruders, window glass break, etc.

A Closed Circuit Television network consists of Security Cameras, Home Security DVR and Security CCTV Monitor.

The Cameras capture all the activity occurring at the entrance of your home, specific lobbies inside, Perimeter Security – Around the exterior boundaries of your home, Garage, Exit points, etc.

You can consult the Video installation group or other designated agencies to understand the ideal locations for camera installation.

Once the video is captured by the camera, it requires a placeholder to store this video, irrespective of the length of the video. This is achieved through a Home Security DVR.

Home Security Digital Video Recorder

A DVR – Digital Video Recorder provides the necessary ports for the Cameras to be plugged in. These are mostly RJ45 cables, which help in video transmission. Home Security DVR is available in different memory configurations.

A 1-minute Video file is huge in size. With your requirement of minimum 24-hour footage, you can imagine the memory requirement – usually in Gigabytes or Terabytes.

There may be cases, when you will require the recording to happen continuously for a week, or may be a month.

For instance, you have a travel plan or there is a new babysitter or servant. For this, you can opt for a DVR with an Archival feature. This will provide the hard drive, with sufficient free memory.

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