Rats are a great menace in many homes. They can make a whole house full of diseases. It is very important to keep your food items under coverage if they share the same habitat with you. The sight of a rat is enough to make one scream, but yet they are present to create havoc with our food items.

Rat Poison BaitThere are many methods through which one can get rid of these small creatures. The most common of them all is the Rat poison bait as it widely available in all stores. You do not need to go length and breadth of your city to find simple poison bait.

Rats must be living somewhere near your house especially if their sight is common in your kitchen. In such a case you had to find out their entry point by which they get access to your house. This can be a backyard garden or anything.

Once you know the place exactly, you can put these Rat poison bait and should patiently wait for the subsequent results. The entry point of these creatures can be also a drainage problem or location problem. If your house is located near a dumping ground, chances are high that your house gets soon infested with rats.

You should place a Rat poison bait in areas where traffic is not heavy because in such a case, rats will be not encourages to visit that particular place. This may give you no result at the end of the day.

Bait can be ideally placed under the stairs, and between their breeding site and the food that attracts them the most. You can also use rat traps if you are reluctant to kill them in your house. Pets should be kept away from these poisonous baits.

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