Before stepping out into the market to buy your hotel collection bedding, it is important to first understand the different types of weaves as well as fabrics that have been used in making the bedding.

As a result, you will not only be able to find something that complements your bed, but one that is comfortable to sleep in.

cootton beddings

The following is a detailed list of different types of fabrics which are used in making both bed sheets and linens, thereby enabling you to find the hotel collection bedding that is crisp, silky and soft:

1.       Cotton

A majority of hotel bedding is made from cotton. Cotton is not only natural, but durable.

It is comfortable to sleep in and is able to adapt to temperature changes.

However, it is also important to point out that not all hotel bed sheets and linens are made from the same cotton.

The different types of cotton used in making hotel bedding include:

Egyptian cotton: Egyptian cotton is extremely luxurious and quite often used in making high-grade and costly hotel bed sheets and linen.

The extra-long staples are what make it possible to offer the much needed gloss and softness.

Upland cotton: This type of cotton is grown in the United States and boasts medium-length staples. Like Egyptian cotton, Upland cotton is also well-known for its comfort and warmth.

2.       Tencel

Even though Tencel is an artificial fiber, it is widely used in making quality hotel collection bedding. These types of hotel beddings are popular because:

-They have the capacity to repel moisture.

-They have the ability to prevent bacterial growth.

Therefore, in addition to providing you with added comfort, bed sheets and linens made from Tencel are also hygienic.

Silk, blends and polyester are the other types of materials used in making quality hotel beddings.

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