At one time, roller blinds were a simple window covering and were a cheaper alternative to using curtains. Typically, they were made of thicken paper that surrounded a tube made of aluminum that was spring-loaded. You could pull the Roller Blinds Gold Coast down to shade the room and when you pulled it again it retracted around the tube. Most often they were gray colored and were constructed in the thickness that allowed for a lesser or greater darkening effect. Today they are no longer so simple and drab colored.

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The roller blinds of today are usually still wound around the aluminum spring-loaded tube but the monochromatic colors and thickened paper are gone. They are now manufactured from material like flax, polyester, cotton, and linen. If the room where you want to put roller blinds has odd shaped windows you can get them custom made to fit your windows. No longer are they the drab gray color but the blinds Gold Coast come in your choice that ranges from solar-reflective to suede to metallic to almost any color you can think of.

Today some roller blinds use an electric motor, which replaces the older aluminum tube that was spring-loaded, instead of a pull or cord. With the electric motor it makes it easier to raise or lower the roller blinds by a few degrees. Most of the time you will also get a remote control with electric roller blinds so you will not have to get up from bed to let the morning sun in or to shut out the darkness. Just press the button on the remote control.

The two main reasons for using roller blinds are light control and privacy. Some roller blinds block out one hundred percent of the light that would enter a room because there are some people who do not sleep soundly unless the room is completely dark. These roller blinds are referred to as blackout shades. There are others that will allow for fifty percent or less light blocking. Some roller blinds are virtually sheer and prevent a room from being too dark but provide a degree of privacy.  They are also easy to install and look good in any room.

A new type of Gold Coast blinds and shutters on the market today features a textured weave that gives the room a sense of depth that is almost three-dimensional. They were designed to provide a contrast against neutral colored walls. Another type becomes a total blackout shade at night but during the daytime it allows for minimal light filtering. These types of blinds are considered two-in-one roller blinds that are growing in popularity due to the options of maximum privacy and big amounts of light.

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