It is very important to make sure that your air conditioner ducts are in good working order.  If you even have a small puncture in the duct, the efficiency of your air conditioning system can decrease greatly. It will also increase the cost for keeping your interior spaces at the right comfortable temperatures.  There are many different options to repair your AC ducts.  Some of these methods may only give you a temporary solution that can work until it is repaired by the homeowner or Los Angeles AC repair.


When you are ready to fix leaks that are minor one might think to use duct tape, which is a tape that formulated to stick easily and stay there for an extended period of time.  Some brands of duct tape are cold and heat resistant, which means that they are for both cooling ductwork and heating ducts where there might be condensation occurring periodically.  Yes, duct tape does not look very attractive but it is a way to quickly repair your ductwork until you can get it professionally fixed.  It is also an inexpensive fix.

You can also use calking to seal any small holes that are found in any sections of the ductwork or for any leaks at the joints along the ductwork.   There is special caulking that is designed just for this purpose and is formulated to withstand any temperature changes.  It is ideal to use with HVAC duct systems.  If you chose to do this repair yourself, you must take the time to read the sealant instructions.  There are several brands of caulking sealant compound so you want to make sure that it is the correct one for a specific system.  If you do not want to attempt this, you can call air conditioning Los Angeles repair company to make an appointment for them to come out to fix it.

Recently there have been different types of sealants that are aerosol based for duct repair  The manufacturers of this type of duct sealant normally claims that their products are better than  using calking or duct tape if it is applied correctly.  The aerosol products go on easy and the sealing agent is clear.  There are two benefits with using this product.  One is that it appeals to the eye when you have exposed ductwork like in a restaurant setting or the homeowner wants to stay away from the patches appearing on the sections of the ductwork.

In addition to sealing leaks, the Los Angeles AC repair will make sure that ductwork will not deteriorate or rust.  Keeping your ductwork in good repair will add years to your AC system.  It will also reduce the number of times you have to replace the ductwork.

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