A patio building process with hardscaping pavement offers an economical maintenance outdoor section. However, before commencing the construction process, you need to find a good contractor. While executing the patio landscape design, a small mistake could ruin your complete hard work.

A poorly installed patio could disfigure your landscape and be susceptible to poor settling and drainage problems leading to the compromise of your house foundation.

This is the reason it is important to choose a professional and expert contractor to manage your professional patio building process in Houston. A skilled contractor will:

  • Make sure that the patio has little slope for efficient drainage.
  • Solidify every foundation layer, right from the sub-surface to crush stones. This will prohibit weeds.
  • Compress the subsoil prior to laying of the base materials
  • Fill the space amidst pavers with joint sand.

But, when you plan to hire the best contractor for your patio project, you need to ask a few questions to be sure on your side. Here are some of the questions that you should definitely ask before hiring a contractor:

  1. Is he licensed?

Usually people require skilled contractors with an active license to perform work. You can look out the List of the Licensed contractors in Houston online and select a contractor suitable for your job.

  1. Are you insured or bonded?

A contractor or contracting company should have liability insurance. If not, then you will be responsible for the damages which the contractor causes to your place.

  1. Do you have a guarantee of the work you do?

A good patio contractor will provide a full0fledged work on time if he is certain of his work and professional in his field.

  1. Can you provide a work schedule?

A good contractor will give you the details of the commencing hours and time duration of the job. They will give you a rough estimate of the number of days that the crew will take to complete the project.

  1. Can you provide with price estimates?

You have every right to know what the complete project will cost you! You contractor should be able to tell you about the price range or a specific fixed price for the work.

  1. Can you provide a contract?

A professional wouldn’t escape from jotting down the scope of work on papers. If a contracting company doesn’t provide more than words, then you should possibly look for a new contractor.

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