Every house has a huge list of fixtures which will need regular maintenance and professional care. .

airWhen it comes to getting the repairs, some of these fixtures are:

  1. Central heating
  2. Radiators
  3. Electrical fittings and
  4. Air conditioners.

There was a time when air-conditioners were pretty basic affairs and you could undertake basic repairs by yourself.

But today, they have evolved to extraordinarily brilliant technical creatures! And this is exactly why you need to hire a HVAC professional to repair your air-conditioner.

Knowledge and expertise

When you bring in a professional, he will come equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise.

This is also important because your particular model of air-conditioner may require a professional with specific knowledge.

This is one area where the ‘one size fits all’ maxim does not apply. Therefore you should ideally be able to call for help from the same company that you have bought your A/C from.

Tools and equipment

It is also necessary to call a professional Aircon contractor Singapore because they come equipped with the necessary tools.

Depending on the problem in your air-conditioner, he will have to deploy a specific tool in order to address the issue.

You may not always have all the tools and equipment necessary to carry out a DIY project of repairing air conditioner.


Considering that an air-conditioner is complex equipment, the question of safety is paramount.

Even if you know exactly how to dismantle an air-conditioner, you should be able to take into account that the electricity supply and probably and even different refrigeration gases that are contained within the device.

An HVAC professional will know how to handle everything.

Warranties and guarantees

Sometimes, it may be necessary to hire a HVAC professional because if you tamper with the device, you may be rendering warranty and technical support null and void.

In fact, most A/C manufacturers state very clearly that their guarantees will not come into play if the customer has tampered with the machine in any manner.

Fixing the problem

Finally, it may also become necessary to hire a HVAC professional because he will be able to ascertain the problem by simply diagnosing the symptoms, so to speak.

It would then make it easier to open out the air conditioner and go straight to the root of the problem.

A person who is not equipped in this manner may adopt a ‘trial and error’ method which may actually result in greater damage to the machine.

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