The idea of the outdoor kitchen is a buzzword these days, what with more and more people getting interested in the concept of outdoor living. There is no doubt that you may not be a kitchen design specialist but all the same, you may actually have or know people who can custom make outdoor kitchens. Some of the most important features that are included in most outdoor kitchens include cold areas, grills and cooktops, sinks and dry areas from where foods are prepared and stored. It is always a good idea to ask for professional assistance if you are in doubt at any stage. Some of the most important things you are going to think seriously about include:

outdoor kitchens design

Relation with the indoor kitchen: You need to ask yourself how much closer you want the outdoor kitchen to be in terms of design when compared to your indoor kitchen. You should also ask yourself whether there is a way you would want to have them used together when you are cooking and entertaining and whether a good traffic pattern is achievable.

Choice of materials: Your outdoor kitchen will be exposed to the elements and, as such, you need to consider using low maintenance materials that can withstand the pressure of being outside. Stainless steel has always provided a good option for any sanitary surfaces because it can resist corrosion and is also easy to clean. Think about natural stone counters and especially the less porous ones such as granite. Think about your hot counter materials having in mind that they will be exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Complement the design of the home: Ensure that your outdoor kitchens design complements the style and architecture of the entire home as well as the landscape; you may want to use materials that are compatible and can incorporate the subtle architectural details.

Think of outdoor entertainment: You need to ensure that the design of the outdoor kitchen is such that the lounging area, dining area, cooking area and the swimming pool areas are in such a way that they can coexist and they are functional. Your designer must ensure that the flow of traffic between those areas is a smooth one. They should try as much as possible to ensure that the outdoor kitchen is not isolated from the other related areas; you should ensure that the design creates an opportunity for the interaction of the person cooking within the outdoor kitchen and the rest of the people in the other areas.

Extend outdoor entertaining: Ensure that there is sufficient rain shelter for your outdoor kitchen so that the cook and your guests can remain dry and comfortable even if there is a light drizzle.

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