It’s January but winter is still here. And it will be here for a few more months.

Has your home been cold this winter? Mine has. I live in a 1940’s home. As you can imagine it’s not up to date in terms of insulation and heating.

warming home in winter

Right now we have a furnace that heats under the floors. But it’s costing a lot of money. Thankfully I don’t pay the bills, my landlord does!

But he has talked about updating the home this summer. His main focus will be esthetics like redoing the floors, countertops, moldings and doors.

This is a nice luxury for me as I will not move out of this place since real estate prices are so I can’t afford a place to live. So I will be reaping the benefits of all his renovations this summer. Granted my summer is going to suck with all the renovations. But it will well worth it!

Now since I am the one living and it’s been cold this winter, I have been pushing to have my landlord do something about the heating situation.

I have pitched him three different options.

The first is going with baseboard heating. Baseboards are cheap and can be effective in this home since the rooms are small. Baseboards have been ugly for years but the new styles are actually pretty sleek.

The second option is to have Victoria Heat Pumps installed by Red Blue Heating and Refrigeration.  Heat pumps are expensive but they provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer as they suck the warm air out the home. For obvious reasons this is the choice I hope he goes with.

The last option is one I found through lots of research. It’s one not known by many people. It’s a form of insulation called blown-in cellulose. Victoria Insulation contractors Polar Home Improvement would come in and create a tiny hole in the current walls and blow in the plant like fibers to fill the walls. This will most likely be the choice my landlord goes with since it’s going to be more effective that baseboard and less expensive then heat pumps.

In the end I gave him three options at all different price points. No matter what he will choose one which makes will make me happy and warm next winter.

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