Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that you ought to be upgrading from time to time. What about your home? Isn’t it after all the ultimate statement of your individual personality? How then can you leave it unattended to? Yes, home decor can be immensely expensive and time consuming, but if you do-it-yourself, nothing is beyond reach. And here’s the clincher, setting up a theme room in your home is probably one of the most easy things you could do. How you ask? Read on…

theme roomsBasics: What is a theme room? A theme room is a room that follows a design philosophy based on one time period, era, pop culture phenomenon, or sports. A theme room is normally synonymous with passionate people who eat, breathe and live their area of interest. For example, a sports enthusiast might have a sports stadium or bar themed room to enjoy his games in.

1) Pick a theme, pick a room: If you’re the sports lover and want your den or study to look like a sports themed bar, you can do that. Or if instead you want your bedroom to look like Caesar’s Palace, go for it. Whatever you do, remember, to choose a theme and then choose a room, quite simply because there are some areas of your home are your private sanctum, but other areas, you need to consider the sensitivities of others as well.

2) Let’s talk details: If you want the details of your new room to be authentic, you’re going to have to work on it. Research the time period, view some photographs and search online for period home furnishing, home accessories and other knickknacks that would really complete the look of the time.

3) Be meticulous: That simply means, if there is something you want in the room, don’t rest easy until you find it. You may have to visit multiple online home furnishing stores or neighbourhood yard sales, but remember the success of your theme room lies in sparing no time and energy in procuring the items that are inherently important for the look of the times you wish to recreate.

4) Do as much as you can DIY: There are some projects that may need skills that aren’t part of your set. But as far as possible DIY. DIY will help keep costs low. Reflect your passion and translate your vision for the room in a way that no one else doing it would be able to do.

5) Step out of your comfort zone: When shopping for home furnishings that would fit in well with your theme, you may have to step away from the comfort of air conditioned malls and troll for stuff online, or even in old antique shops. Remember some of the lesser explored areas could really yield bumper results.

6) A coat of paint can fix nearly anything: Remember sanding paper, a lot of scrubbing down and a coat of paint can fix almost anything. Before you set out to re-accessorise your theme room, take a peek at your attic or in your storage. You might find a piece that just needs TLC to make it look like a million bucks, and will give you a chance to showcase your skills as well.

7) To keep costs down, reupholster wherever possible: If you have a sofa in your existing room, but need a new one for your theme room. Consider reupholstering it to fit your theme. Reupholstering can save you a bundle of money which you can then spend on a lavish gadget like a jukebox or flat screen TV, without burning through your budget.

A theme room can really perk up the appearance of a home, not to mention the fun you’ll have designing, home decor online shopping for accessories and actually inhabiting it. Creating such a space isn’t rocket science, as is evident. Have fun building yours.

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