When you know the exact steps your gearbox service company will take in getting your equipment repaired, it will help you drastically reduce downtime, expenses, and inspection errors. Highlighted below are the steps that your repair company should follow when working on your gearbox.

  1. “Not Exceeding Quotations“

When you visit the gearbox service workshop, the first thing to do as professionals is to offer you a “Not to Exceed” quote, assuming they are repairing a confidential gearbox with already known costs.

  1. Initial Assessment

When we receive your industrial gearbox, a basic exterior assessment is carried out before opening the main unit.

  1. Disassembly

During disassembling process, technicians will completely take out the unit. The machine components and subcomponents will be dismantled.

  1. “As Found Condition” Report

After the initial inspection and disassembling has been conducted, the technician should provide an “As Found Condition” report.

  1. Renewal

Once the quote for the renewal of your drive has been approved and the unit has been dismantled, the renewal process can then start. At IRMACH, we ensure we don’t compromise.

  1. Quality Tests

The product goes through several tests to check for functionality and quality levels. This quality control gives assurance to the owner of the equipment. It also guarantees long lasting operation.

Gearbox repair is a conscientious procedure if done accurately; it can provide the user with long-lasting benefits. Hence, when looking for a service provider, ensure that a thorough procedure is followed. After this, you should receive concrete results in terms of gearbox performance.

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