A pancake is a type of sweet. This is loved by most of the people. It can be said as a type of sweet flat bread. There are different types of pancakes. This dessert is enjoyed by variety of people around the world.

Generally people go out to hotels to have this pancake. People find it difficult to prepare it in the home. If the preparation method is seen then it seems to be much easier. But when moms really prepare it in the kitchen it does not comes out very well as expected.

Pancakes Pan

The pancake pan becomes over burnt and the pancake gets spoiled. Then it becomes very hard to wash and clean the pancake pan.

Sometimes the pan completely becomes waste such that it cannot be used for the next time. As said before there are different types of pancakes such as round, square etc.

Some are much experienced that they take an electric stove top to be a perfect pancake pan. In electric hobs the iron pans works well. Some use only nonstick pans to prepare pancakes.

For a getting a soft pancake generally all purpose flour is used. But now as the people are becoming health conscious they have started preparing pancakes with the wheat flour.

If people are used to the habit of eggs then egg can be mixed with the pancake batter. The pancake can be decorated and made further tastier by adding chesses and olives on the top of the pancakes.

Now there are also some special grills made for the preparation of the pancakes. In these pancake pans at one time more that 4 to 5 pancakes can be made. So this would be comfortable for the big families. This is used more in the hotels, schools, hostels etc. Whatever the method or ingredients used, if the pancake pan is good then it can be made in no time.

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