Designing and implementing good chicken coop plans is the key to running a successful and flourishing poultry business.

Chicken Coop PlansApart from having your own chickens and eggs, chickens help in recycling lot of unwanted and left over food stuff. The manure can be used as a fertilizer for gardening purposes too.

While buildingĀ chicken coop plans, you can rely on the services of a poultry consultant or use the tips available from a good book and do it on your own. Anyone with practical farming and poultry experience can easily make good chicken coop plans. Of course, there are several important points need to be kept in mind. The position of the coop and the perches, the number of hens and chicken you are catering to all play an important role.

Do you need a small chicken coop for only a limited number of hens or should it be large enough to serve the needs of about fifty chickens and their eggs? While having a very large coop may be uneconomical, a small coop may be cramped and unhealthy for the chickens. In case any of the hens is sick then the chances of the infection spreading to other birds is greatly increased.

You can build a chicken coop plan which has provision for two or more storey. There must also be easy and sufficient space for collection of eggs and nesting as well as feeding. A good chicken coop plan needs to avoid predators such as foxes too. The protection it provides the chickens from such animals as well as rough climate conditions are important for the well being of the hens.

You need to also consider the best and most economical material suitable for building your chicken coop. The best way for ground preparation and methods and tools for building nest boxes also are an integral component of a chicken coop plan.

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