Turbo pots are high performance cookware, which until recently were used by high performing chefs. The turbo pots are soon to be launched to the residential market on Kickstarter. These pots are designed with the same technology that is used to keep microprocessors cool in a computer to make the cookware hot.

The pots comprise of a “heat sink” which is located at the bottom of the cookware. The fins on the heat sink make the cookware 30% more efficient than the ordinary cooking pots by transferring heat from the flame to the cookware.

Turbo pots

Turbo Pots for Time management

Ever felt like you are always waiting around for your water to boil to cook rice or pasta? Well no more! This cookware reduces the time it takes to heat liquids. You can cook or boil water much faster with these pots. The cookware reduces the amount of time consumed while waiting around for the water to boil.

Turbo Pots for Healthy Cooking

A hotter pan equals much faster cooking. Faster cooking ensures that you retain more nutrients in your food, especially in your vegetables concluding to healthier foods.

Turbo Pots for Cooking Power

Sometimes your cooker burners are not as strong as you would wish them to be. The heat sink helps boost the burners’ powers significantly by transferring more heat to the pot.

Turbo Pots for Quality Food

Professional chefs have used the Turbo high performance cookware for long. Now, they are available to home cookers who wish to deliver professionally cooked meals for the family.

Turbo Pots for Protecting the Environment

Turbo pots reduce the quantity of gases emitted from cooking by 30%. Lesser cooking related toxins are introduced into the environment. If you wish to help preserve Mother Earth, the turbo pots are the way to go.

Turbo Pots for Energy Saving

The turbo pots consume 30% less energy than ordinary pots. When cooking with ordinary pots, most of the heat flow escapes through the sides. However, with Turbo pots, the heat is concentrated on the bottom of the pot. This cuts on energy consumption and makes the cookware more efficient. Instead of relying on biomass fuels, the user can opt for LPG fuel, which is much cleaner, healthier, and affordable.

Turbo Pots for Faster Cleaning

The pots are dishwasher friendly. However, it is advisable to hand-wash the non-stick pans to protect the coating.

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