Experience various cuisines as you travel the globe; this experience makes the experience way more exciting than anything you have ever felt before. Food mends bridges and unites people together in happiness and cheer.

Dash of SpiceThere is this general notion that every country has a national dish that they pride themselves with and one can find this across many of the south Asian countries. Indonesian cuisine brings to the table some of the their most coveted dishes like Nasi Goring which is ideally stir fried rice that is sautéed well until it turns a golden brown color. To get this going there are various ingredients that jazz up the specialty with shallots, garlic and most definitely a dash of chili. The accompaniment for this is most definitely a satay stir-fry with chicken, prawns or vegetables for the veggies. Peanut sauce is something that works really well with salads instead of opting for the western options. The vegetables that get a deep drizzle of the sauce and ideal for a light afternoon lunch are bean sprouts, jackfruit boiled and shredded, shredded cabbage, water spinach. Add this to a plate of rice in a bowl and sliced boiled eggs or even an omelet and you have a wholesome meal. For special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements weddings, festivals there is nothing more creative from the land than Rendang that must be cooked to perfection and follow the details to the tee. The procedure is slow cooking of beef or chicken with spices from the land and coconut milk. Trying to cut back on the time would rob the dish of its glory – this takes a couple of hours to cook. Accompany this with coconut rice a bowl of salad and savor the moment. After a good meal, dessert is the obvious choice and some of these options like Klepon, Biji Salak, Kua Mangkok, Getuk Lindri will give you the lift that you deserve. Travelling makes you knowledgeable but you have to try out the food in the land, or the experience will be very boring.

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