You can have the most beautiful furniture, gorgeous cushions, and luxurious carpets but your room may still look bare.

A house doesn’t feel like home until the curtains are up. When done right, curtains add warmth, give privacy, and affirm your interior style.

When not put up the right way, they can look tacky and cheap. So, here are a few tips to help you get the look you want.

Go Tall and Wide

Before you put up the curtains, you must install curtain rods.

Choose a length that is 8-12” wider than your window and place the rods at least 4-6” above the window frame.

If you can, try to install the rods midway between the ceiling and the window frame.

This makes your window look bigger than it is.

Having wide curtain rods also ensures that when the curtains are pulled back, they do not block your view.

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Be Generous with the Amount of Fabric You Use

You may be tempted to make your curtains only as wide as the window. Logically, this seems right. But, in reality, it can make your curtains look skimpy and leave gaps between them.

Hence, when making your curtains, ensure that their width is 2 -2.5 times the width of the window. This will make them appear fuller.

Choose the Right Length

Unless you’re going for a café look, curtains should fall to the ground. So, don’t let them end just below the window sill. If you want a tidy look, end them an inch above your floor.

This allows you to vacuum underneath and helps keep the space clean. If you prefer a more romantic look, let your curtains puddle on the ground. However, if you do choose this style, ensure that they aren’t too long or you may tip over them.

Choose the Right Fabric

It isn’t just color that makes a difference in how curtains look. You must pick a fabric that has the right texture, the right weight, and the right color.

An easy rule of thumb to follow says that the denser the fabric, the more formal your curtains will look.

Dense curtains also block light more effectively. Thus, these are ideal for formal living spaces and bedrooms. For a breezier feel, pick light sheers or linen that allow light and air to pass through.

When it comes to picking a color, remember that your curtains take up a lot of visual space. Hence, your curtains should ideally be the secondary color in your interior color scheme.

Make Sure they’re Easy to Access

Like everything else in your home, curtains also need to be cleaned from time to time.

The best curtains can be put into the washing machine or dry cleaned. No matter how you choose to clean your curtains, they will need to be removed from the rod.

Hence, ensure that they are fixed in a way that is easy to remove and reinstall. For this reason, return rods are avoidable in homes for elderly people.

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